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Hey, Is that your database crying? Video Online

We’ve just released the video for Hey… Is That Your Database Crying? from Aloha on Rails , in which Blythe Dunham walks you through tips and tricks for working with your relational database and ActiveRecord.

Enjoy the video, and mahalo to Panopto and ThinkTech Hawaii for making the videos possible!


6 Responses to “Hey, Is that your database crying? Video Online”

  1. I was waiting for those videos. Too bad I have to install Silverlight, because I won’t and won’t be able to enjoy the great content (almost) available.

  2. Seth Ladd says:

    Sorry to hear you won’t install Silverlight. As a Mac user, I can say it’s not that bad. :) In any case, the videos may be available in another format in the future. In the meantime, I’m very thankful that Panopto donated their time and services so that we can get these videos released.

  3. I’d like to thank Panapto as well, this is really nice. Blythe’s was one of my favorites, very helpful stuff!

  4. I am tired every time I see yet another video publisher choosing a weird proprietary technology, demanding I should install extra things for it just to watch their video.

  5. Seth Ladd says:

    Sorry to hear that. But free is free. :)

  6. uri says:

    Silverlight!? Is this a joke?

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